Claim Your Agency with a Human Design Reading

Welcome to Your Abundant Design, where you can discover new tools for your spiritual journey to springboard to the next level and claim your agency with Human Design!

Human Design offers your own personal toolbox for making aligned decisions, understanding your purpose, improving your relationships, doing incredibly deep and effective shadow work, and unlocking your potential.

A reading with Your Abundant Design goes deep into the many aspects of what makes you who you are. You will learn how to experiment with living your design and gain insight into the next step in your evolution.

Potentially, you could see every aspect of your life change just by understanding your design!

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Integration Journey

Discover your path to alignment and purpose. Your Human Design Integration Journey will provide you with practical tools and insights for personal transformation over the course of six sessions.

Transit Calendars

Have you ever wanted your own personal horoscope every day?

I have, so I made these Transit Calendars for myself and now I’m sharing them with you!

Beginner’s Guide

Human Design Chart

Want to dive a little deeper? Make understanding Human Design a little easier with this guide. This guide is what I wish I had when I was first learning Human Design.