About Me


My name is Leigh Seebach and I’m a 5/1 Emotional Manifestor in Human Design.

I will attempt to explain what this means through the following examples:

Customer Service

  • After spending several years in the customer service industry, I learned to excel in communicating with people. Little did I know that I was channeling my human design with the channel of Openness which is all about tact. Furthermore, my chart indicates that this characteristic of openness is innate. I have many customer reviews that underscore this talent.

Volunteer Work

  • As a member of Lake Forest Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), I did a tremendous amount of volunteer work in children’s ministry and women’s ministry. Ultimately, I discovered that my Structuring channel enabled me to become an effective teacher. Since I was unaware of my design, a lot of trial and error occurred in order to master this channel.

Chief Operating Officer

  • As Chief Operating Officer of a small tutoring company, I was able to use my channels of Abstraction and Logic to creatively transform the basic operating principles of the business. The company grew sixfold during my tenure.

All my life experiences gave me the tools to be successful on my current path, I just didn’t know it. So many of my challenges could have been avoided by being self-aware through Human Design. Human Design has completely redefined what success is to me.

My Human Design journey has encouraged a much deeper level of self-acceptance and joy. I know now that my limitations are a part of who I am, not character flaws. I understand that these same limitations also grant me incredible strength. In utilizing my Human Design I found my passion to show others the joy that can come from their own design.