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Discover your path to alignment and purpose. Your Human Design Integration Journey will provide you with practical tools and insights for personal transformation over the course of six sessions.

Session 1: In our first session, we will explore the fundamentals of your Design, including your Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile Lines. Your Type, Strategy, and Authority provide you with a clear roadmap to make empowered and aligned decisions. Your Profile Lines offer insights into the way you interact with the world and how you are perceived by others.

Session 2: In our second session, we will dive into your Centers, uncovering the energy that shapes your experiences and relationships. By understanding these Centers, you can harness their transformative power, evolving your energy to attain a state of flow and abundance.

Session 3: In our third session, we will examine your Channels. The Channels establish communication between the Centers and set the for those Centers’ expression. By understanding and embracing these Channels, you can create a life that honors the essence of who you truly are.

Session 4: In our fourth session, we will focus on the four gates that make up your Incarnation Cross. Your Incarnation Cross holds the key to your unique life purpose and journey, empowering you to embody your true self and flourish in life.

Session 5: In our fifth session, we will go over the Gate Activations on the Personality/Conscious side of your chart. This covers aspects of your nature that you likely are already familiar with, i.e. how you think, communicate, and express yourself. By understanding and honoring the full spectrum of your traits, you can create a life that authentically reflects who you are.

Session 6: In our last session, we will delve into the Gate Activations on the Design/Unconscious side of your chart. This side holds your more innate traits that may not be as easily identifiable to you. It is of paramount importance that you become aware of these traits as they set the tone of your life.

As we take this journey, you will discover the life changing aspects of Human Design and take empowered steps toward evolution. Your path to understanding and embracing your Design starts here!

An Integration Journey is $500.00. Due to the nature of this work, no refunds are offered. However, there is also no set timeline for this Journey. You may take as long as you need.

Introductory Reading

An introductory reading takes about 25 minutes.

It will go over the basics of how Human Design works and give you an overview of your Type, Strategy, and Authority.

Our readings are created to satisfy your curiosity and demands for self-discovery as you explore the complexities of Human Design.

Your door into the field of Human Design is a brief yet informative introduction that lasts about 25 minutes. In this area, you’ll get to know the base of this intriguing system and gain an Understanding and Embracing Your Design of your Type, Strategy, and Authority.

An introductory reading is $25.00.

Foundational Reading

A foundational Human Design reading for successful decisions takes about an hour. It will go over how Human Design works and give you an in-depth view of your Type, Strategy, and Authority. You will also receive an overview of your 9 centers and their definition. Then we will go over your profile lines.

Our foundational reading, lasting an hour, digs further into the fundamental ideas of Human Design for those wanting a more thorough understanding. You’ll get a thorough analysis of your Type, Strategy, and Authority, as well as a rundown of your nine centers’ distinct definitions. 

A foundational reading is $100.00

In-Depth Reading

An in-depth reading takes about two hours. It will go over how Human Design works and give you an in-depth view of your Type, Strategy, and Authority. You will also receive an overview of your 9 centers and their definition. This includes a dive into each of your gates and channels. Then we will go over your profile lines and incarnation cross.

Our in-depth reading, lasting more than two hours, offers an immersive experience when you’re ready to start on an even more profound inquiry. We go over the basics of Human Design for Self-awareness once more before delving into the subtleties of your Type, Strategy, and Authority. 

Regardless of the level of involvement you select, our Human Design readings give you the tools to make decisions in life with confidence and self-awareness.

An in-depth reading is $200.00

Financial Reading

Getting a financial reading in the context of Human Design can be profoundly beneficial if you already possess a strong understanding of your individual chart and its various components, including gates and channels. Here’s a deeper explanation of how such a reading can be helpful:

Life Purpose Clarification: A financial reading within the framework of Human Design often provides valuable insights into your life purpose helping you align your economic pursuits with your broader life mission and purpose.

Focus on Jupiter and Mars Gates: Jupiter and Mars gates are significant indicators of your financial potential and how to harness your energy for fiscal success. A Human Design reading for successful decisions will place special emphasis on these gates, offering detailed interpretations of how they influence your financial decisions, strategies, and opportunities, ultimately guiding life-changing aspects of Human Design that impact your wealth and abundance.

G-Center Analysis: The G-Center, associated with identity and direction, plays a crucial role in your financial self-perception. A thorough Human Design reading for effective decision-making of any gates you may have in your G-Center can provide profound insights into your monetary motivations, self-worth, and the ways in which you relate to money and abundance—a key component of making life easier with Human Design.

A financial reading in Human Design for personal transformation can offer a deeper understanding of your pecuniary tendencies, strengths, and potential challenges, enabling you to make conscious and aligned decisions in your economic pursuits. However, it’s most beneficial when you already have a solid grasp of your overall Understanding Human Design chart, as it provides deeper insights specifically related to your financial path and supports better decisions in understanding and embracing your design for self-awareness.

A Financial Reading takes about two hours and is $300.00