How to Read Your Chart

How to Read Your Human Design Chart

Human Design starts with the planets. From there, we extrapolate all our data points. Each planet activates a gate and a line at the point of your birth establishing your dominant personality traits. The gate number is on the left side of the decimal and the line number is on the right. There are six lines that will further differentiate your personality. Because the planets are always moving and Human Design posits that the soul enters the body three months prior to your birth, we extract another set of data points at this time determining your unconscious personality traits. From here, we put these data points on a graph, aptly named a bodygraph.

The following is my bodygraph.

The Bodygraph is comprised of 9 centers, 4 of which are energy-producing motors. Each center is either defined (consistent access), undefined (inconsistent access), or open (rare access), depending on your gate activations. Each of the 64 gates is consistently dispersed throughout the 9 centers. A channel is established when two gates meet in the middle. The table below lists all the gates in each center.

Centers Fixed Gates in the Center
Head/Crown 64, 61, 63
Ajna/Third Eye 47, 24, 4, 17, 43, 11
Throat 62, 23, 56, 35, 12, 45, 33, 8, 31, 20, 16
G-Center/Heart 7, 1, 13, 25, 46, 2, 15, 10
Heart/Will – Motor 26, 51, 21, 40
Solar Plexus – Motor 6, 37, 22, 36, 30, 55, 49
Sacral – Motor 5, 14, 29, 59, 9, 3, 42, 27, 34
Spleen 48, 57, 44, 50, 32, 28, 18
Root – Motor 53, 60, 52, 19, 19, 41, 58, 38, 54

The Celestial bodies below, commonly referred to as planets, determine how your gates are activated. Each gate has characteristics relevant to your personality. An unactivated gate is considered dormant, but the planets are always moving and a previously dormant gate can be activated by a current planetary movement.  

Planets Meaning
Sun Life force. Core energy and primary yang force. Who we are and what we do. The theme of incarnation.
Earth Grounding & Balance. Yin. The backbone of stability. Bring into form.
North Node Future Direction & Environment. Letting go of what no longer serves us.
South Node How you perceive the world. Environment. Support system.
Moon Driving Force & Motivation. To ensure evolution.
Mercury Communication & Thinking.
Venus Values, beliefs, morality
Mars Immature Energy. High energy, can settle into wisdom over time. Can be channeled intentionally. Significant role in personal transformation.
Jupiter Law and Protection. Personal law and theme for what is correct for us. Potential to bring good fortune. Requires discipline and self-obedience to express the highest capability.
Saturn Discipline, integrity. Consequences to actions.
Uranus Unusualness, Chaos & Order. Where you are quirky and innovative.
Neptune Illusion & Spirituality. Teaches total acceptance and surrender to access the highest potential of the gate behind the veil of Neptune. Not seeing through the veil can stir up the not-self within us.
Pluto Truth & Transformation. Find the light within the darkness.

Want to dive a little deeper? Make understanding Human Design a little easier with this guide.

If you are interested in Human Design, but it still seems too complicated to understand, this guide is for you. It goes over:

  • The differences among the five Types
  • What establishes a person’s Type and Strategy
  • What determines a person’s Authority
  • How a person’s Profile lines are established
  • How a person’s Incarnation Cross is read, intro
  • How the planets activate the gates
  • How channels are made
  • How a center becomes defined, undefined, or open

This guide simplifies all of this and makes it much easier to understand and it’s free!