What is Human Design?

What is Human Design?

At its core, the personalized decision-making tool of Human Design is found in the science of differentiation. However, with a basic understanding of the implications, it can be so much more. It will become your personal toolbox as it helps you know yourself on a deeper and more profound level. Once that understanding is put to work, you will begin to see the life-changing aspects of Human Design.

Making life easier with Human Design requires learning how to make decisions with your body and not your mind. By using a combination of Astrology, the I Ching, the Hindu Chakra system, the Kabbalah, and Quantum Physics, Human Design reframes how we make decisions.

You will fall into one of five different types based on your unique data points. Each of these types has a strategy for making decisions.

Human Design Reading for Successful Decisions
Type Strategy
Manifestor To inform
Generator Wait to respond
Manifesting Generator Wait to respond, then inform
Projector Wait for the invitation
Reflector Wait a full lunar cycle for major decisions

Additionally, your data points will identify which of the 7 different authorities are unique to you.

Authority Approach
Emotional Need time to ride the emotional wave before making a decision
Sacral Gut check: yes, no, maybe
Splenic Instinct and intuition
Ego Do what’s in your best interest
Self-Projected Talk it out
Mental Talk it out in the right environment
Lunar Wait for a full lunar cycle

Both your strategy and your authority are used in developing best practices in decision-making. For example, I’m an Emotional Manifestor. My strategy is to inform. This isn’t so much to help make decisions as it is to lay the groundwork for others to accept my decisions. My emotional authority reigns for actual decision-making, and it requires patience.

Want to dive a little deeper? Make understanding Human Design a little easier with this guide.

If you are interested in Human Design, but it still seems too complicated to understand, this guide is for you. It goes over:

  • The differences among the five Types
  • What establishes a person’s Type and Strategy
  • What determines a person’s Authority
  • How a person’s Profile lines are established
  • How a person’s Incarnation Cross is read, intro
  • How the planets activate the gates
  • How channels are made
  • How a center becomes defined, undefined, or open

This guide simplifies all of this and makes it much easier to understand and is only $7.50!